12 thoughts on “Handouts

  1. Sheila

    Hey Shelley. Great time in Kamloops today. On your tiers of intervention slide, can you get the bowling pins overlaid on the tiers? More pins on tier one and fewer on tier 1… The outside pins. It makes a fun and interesting connection.

  2. Cyndie Brears

    Hi Shelly 😛 It was great listening to you today at Chilliwack Senior. I didn’t remember the name of the books you referenced. I was wondering if you could, please list the books, It one had average in the title…
    Thanks! I am amazed how much you have on the go, your blog, tweets, facebook, touring, teaching, award wining life! You go girl!

  3. Carri

    Shelley thank you so much for visiting Prince George today. It was a pleasure and an honour to meet your acquaintance. I know I had a lot of questions and I’m glad you took the time and patience to answer them. I feel as though I understand the concepts that you feel so passionate about. As one of the outside pins myself I’m excited to be able to make sure that everyone’s needs are met. Thank you for giving me a new view on my classroom.

  4. Brock Honey

    Hello Shelly

    I took a course that you taught at UBCO in the summer. You had us create Learning maps and you said you would upload them to you blog. Is that still happening? I want to share them with my new school.

    Thank you
    Brock Honey

  5. Jason Mills, Special Education Resource Teacher

    Hi Shelley, Thanks for sharing these resources! I would like to use some of the images from your Power Points at an upcoming in-house PD that we are doing at my school on inclusion and differentiation. Can I use the circle images showing inclusion, exclusion, segregation, and integration. I will of course credit you and direct people to your blog.

  6. Kathleen

    Hello Shelley, you’ve got great humour and are such a pleasure to listen to. You really help the facts stick through your story telling. However, the slides from the NCTCA would help reinforce the concepts. Where may I find them?

    Thanks again!

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