Conference Presentations

2017 Inclusion Alberta: Edmonton, AB

Friday Session

Saturday Session

2017 WESTcast Conference: Nanaimo, BC

Inclusion and 21st Century Learning

2017 Catholic Educators Conference

Inclusion: Who? What? Where? Why?

2016 Learning Forward Conference: Vancouver, BC

Leyton & Faye’s Slides


Shelley’s Slides

The Curriculum for ALL Project

2016 ECRTNO Annual Provincial Conference: Ottawa, Ontario

Transforming Inclusive Education: Session 1

Transforming Inclusive Education: Session 2

2016 Making Connections Conference: Richmond, BC

Inclusion and BCs Renewed Curriculum

2016 Summer BCCASE: Richmond, BC

Inclusion and BC’s Renewed Curriculum

2016 Family Support Institute Inclusion Summer Institute: Vancouver, BC

Inclusive Education: All means All

2016 Inclusion BC IGNITE Conference: Prince George, BC

Dancing Our Way to Inclusion!

Inclusion: Who, What, Where, When, Why?! & How the Heck do we do it?!

2016 Vancouver Island Parent Conference: Victoria, BC

Inclusion Now and in the Future

2016 POPEI District Partner Conference: Richmond, BC

Supporting ALL Learners

Rethinking RTI

2016 Early learning Conference: Prince George, BC


Session 2

Session 3

2016 Learning and The Brain Conference: Richmond, BC

Inclusion is for every learner

2015 BCSSA Spring Forum: Vancouver, BC

Supporting Success for Each Learner: Session 1, Session 2Session 3

2015 SEA of British Columbia: Cross Currents Conference: Vancouver, BC

Planning with All Students in Mind

2015 Aiming for Excellence Conference: Dawson Creek, BC

Keynote Presentation

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

2015 HeartMind Conference: Vancouver, BC

What’s the Story?

2015 BCTF – Educational Spring Fling and New Teacher Conference: Dawson Creek, BC

Inclusion – Who? What? Where? When? and Why?

2015 BCSSA Fall Conference: Vancouver, BC

Transforming & Leading Together: Snapshots

2015 BC Teachers of English and Language Arts: Richmond, BC

Including Students with Developmental Disabilities in English

Moore, S., Schnellert, L. & Butler, D. (2015, June). Transforming Inclusion for Students with Developmental Disabilities through Self Regulated Learning. Poster session at the Canadian Society for Studies in Education (CSSE). Ottawa, ON.

Schnellert, S. & Moore, S. (2014, February). Building pathways for all learners. Presented at the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Northwest Regional conference. Portland, OR.

Moore, S. (2013, October). Teaching with diverse and multiple texts. Presented at the annual conference of the BC Teachers of English Language Arts. Burnaby, BC.

2013 National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE): Portland, Oregon

Bridging the Gap: Using Multiple and Diverse Texts

Schnellert, L., Watson, L., Widdess, N. & Moore, S. (2011, October). Multiple pathways to leading literate lives. Presented at the annual conference of the BC Teacher of English Language Arts. Richmond, BC.

BC Teachers of English Language Arts 2011 (BCTELA): Teaching with Diverse Texts

Schnellert, S., Rothstein, V. & Moore, S. (2009, April). Teach everyone to read at any grade at any stage. Presented at the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) annual conference. Seattle, WA.

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