Meet Daniel.

One thing I want to share on this site are some stories of some remarkable people who have crossed my path.  One that immediately comes to mind, is the story of Daniel.  A humbling and profound moment which I continually draw on.  An amazing individual who taught me more in 5 minutes than my entire undergrad.  AND to support my non-linear brain…created in COMIC LIFE (which if you don’t know about…you should explore immediatley). Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Meet Daniel.

  1. Betsy

    Wow – this should be required reading for any of us who work with kids who communicate and learn differently. He sounds like a very cool kid. And he was fortunate to have a very cool, observant teacher!

  2. Dear Blogsomemoore,

    You have been blessed with such a subject and it is great that you were able to learn from Daniel. Many of us fall into this pattern of putting the children into a pre-conceived box of ours and we should realize that they all are individual, organic beings with agency. Their own thoughts and ideas, when allowed to flourish, will take you places…some times dark and dreary ones, but often on a wild interesting journey through their learning experiences. We just need to trust them and give them the scaffolding necessary to feel comfortable enough to take those types of risks.

    Allowing for the mind to be less Alien…

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