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FullSizeRender-15Based in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, Shelley Moore consults locally, provincially and beyond. Her presentations include school, district and provincial professional development days throughout British Columbia, as well as various leading conferences throughout North America, including CEC, IRA and NCTE. She is available for full day and after school professional development sessions, both as single workshops, as well as ongoing series.  Her interactive presentations are constructed based on contexts of specific schools and communities  and integrate theory and effective practices of inclusion, special education, curriculum and technology. She completed an undergraduate degree in Special Education at the University of Alberta, her masters at Simon Fraser University, and is currently a PhD student at the University of British Columbia.For further comments, questions, or for scheduling and booking enquiries, please email her directly at:

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11 thoughts on “Contact Info

  1. Seanagh Strebchuk

    Hi Shelley,
    I just saw you in Fort St. John and shared some of your message with our team. I am trying to put together some resources for math to share with teachers at the middle school I teach at. Would you happen to know about Math Resources for proportional reasoning for Grade 8? (I remember Leyton Schnellert mentioning it as well). I am mining through your online resources right now. Thanks for all of the great stuff! Seanagh Strebchuk

  2. Robbi

    Hi Shelley,

    HAPPY BACK TO SCHOOL! Just checking in to say I’m excited to access our power points from Kelowna/SD#23’s awesome 3-day extravaganza… I realize what a busy time this is and so I’m waiting VERY patiently… Hehe. Hope to see them posted soon and thank you for all you’ve inspired!

  3. Nicole

    Hi Shelley, I have searched your page for an example of the Student one pager IEP…I want to use it with my students this year…but I can’t find it

  4. Tammy Schepens

    Hi Shelley
    I was at your session on Tuesday, Sept. 27 in Edmonton. I already showed your video and shared with the staff how amazing the day was with you! I am looking for the Pencil poem you shared…as well as the notes or slides from that presentation. Thank you again for an extremely rewarding day!

  5. Hi Shelley!
    I was at the learning forward training with Leyton, Faye and yourself in beautiful Vancouver on Saturday. This is exciting content and excellent research presented to back it up! Shelly, you have an infectious energy as a speaker. Wow! I had to show my colleagues.

    In our school board, which counts 17 schools, we have the responsibility to develop curriculum as well as teaching it.

    Would you be interested to come do a day or two of workshops with our staff in Kuujjuaq ( We have a great variety of students in our groups and I believe your approaches to inclusion and inquiry based learning are just what we can incorporate. Our school also happens to be in the same village as our school board’s head office so it would be a chance to share with them as well.


  6. Dr. Moore, I enjoyed listening to you in Stevens Point, on Tuesday, September 26th. I was wondering if you are available to come to my school and speak to my high school staff during one of our professional learning days. I am looking at Friday, February 23, 2018 for a half day session. I think your message is very powerful.

    Please let me know about your availability on the date requested. I look forward to hearing from you. Even though you stated it is a far trip, Wisconsin is truly a great place.

    Dr. Kurt A.Sinclair
    Bradford High School

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