Individual Education Plans

This page is to support schools and districts align their IEPs with the shift in the new curriculum. Below are templates, examples and resources to help pilot projects.

Individual Education Plans Pilot Project – Templates


Student Profile Updated*

Core Competency Goals

Optional (for students requiring curricular goals outside grande range or student working on remediated academic goals)

Curricular Competency Goals (Non Graded)

Curricular Competency Goals (Graded)

Example Profiles: Core Competencies

E.H. Kindergarten (Category G)

L.S. Grade 3 (Category G)

A.E. Grade 4 (Category D)

C.B. Grade 5 (Category Q)

K.P. Grade 5 (Category R)

E.T. Grade 7 (Category D)

R.F. Grade 9 (Category G)

S.E. Grade 10 (Category Q)

Example Profiles: Curricular Competencies

D.B. Grade 6 (Category C)

B.D. Grade 9 (Category F/K)

S.W. Grade 10 (Category C)