Learning Maps

Curriculum Content & Competencies



Grade 3/4 Science: How do living things interact with and respond to their local environments?

Grade 3/4 Science: How have Earth’s elements changed the Arctic land?


Grade 6/7 Social Studies: How can we learn from our history in Canada so we can better respond to and value our diversity?

Grade 6/7 Language Arts: How do stories (and other text) help me understand the world? How do these stories (and other text) help me better understand myself?


Grade 8 Math: What is Pythagorean Theory and how does Pythagorean Theory connect, relate, describe and measure, lines and shapes in our world?


Core Competencies


Personal Awareness & Responsibility: Self-Regulation – Grade 8 Math



Creative Thinking: Generating Ideas – Grade 3/4

Critical Thinking: Questioning – Grade 6/7

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