The Sweeper Van

UntitledSo, yesterday I was fortunate to spend the day co-presenting with two of my colleagues, mentors and friends, Faye Brownlie and Leyton Schnellert. The three of us were invited to be the featured speakers at the BCSSA Spring Forum, which brought together leaders including superintendents, administrators, directors of instruction and teachers from around the province, for a day with a theme of inclusive education. I contemplated writing about my session for you here, but my presentation was captured on camera! SO today, instead of writing, I get to TELL you about a moment in my life that has forever changed my practice and beliefs about teaching. I invite you to watch, share, and hopefully laugh without offence 🙂

May I present to you… The Sweeper Van.

5 thoughts on “The Sweeper Van

  1. Elaine McEachern

    (Screams with excitement) – Leyton was one of my profs for my M.Ed.
    Fantastic experience. Working with him is a game changer. We’re so lucky that sd60’s admin peeps are so forward thinking – they bring him up here so he can help build a better today & tomorrow for our kids. Wink wink, nudge nudge, sd60 readers. Oh ya!

  2. julie

    That was an amazing talk Shell
    You are so passionate about what you believe in and I dream your message will be heard and shared!
    So proud to know you!

  3. Christy. Fennell

    I was at the BCSSA conference and just wanted to thank you for your inspiring presentation. Your powerful message shifts thinking!

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