Community Organizations

Northern Alberta Regional Consortium: High Level, Alberta

November 2, 2018

City of Stratford: Stratford, ON

Stratford 2 Oct. 27

Starbridge Inc.: Rochester, NY

October 23, 2018

Rochester 2 oct. 24

Southern Alberta Regional Consortium: Lethbridge, AB

October 11, 2018

Central Alberta Regional Consortium: Calgary, AB

October 10, 2018

Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium: Edmonton, AB

October 3, 2018

January 9, 2019

March 13, 2019

2018 Summer Institute for Inclusive Learning: Vancouver, BC

Aug. 20, 2018

Aug. 21, 2018

Aug. 22, 2018

First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC)

June 23/24, 2018

Andrew Fleck Children’s Services

June 14, 2018

June 15, 2018

Community Living Kingston

October 25, 2017

Stephen M. Salzberg Memorial Lecture

The Ethics of Inclusion

District Parent Advisory Councils

Burnaby DPAC


Supporing ALL Learners


Inclusive Assessment with BCs Renewed Curriculum

BC Neurofibromatosis Foundation

Living Healthy with NF Symposium:  Success on my Terms: Advocating with Strengths

Moore, S. (2013) Success on my terms: Advocating with strengths. British Columbia Neurofibromatosis Foundation’s symposium. Living Healthy. Richmond, BC. Keynote.

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