Storytelling Extravaganza


Last year I was so honoured to receive a SSHRC scholarship to support my research in inclusive education. The SSHRC award is given to scholars across the country highlighting research that supports innovation and the quality of life of Canadians. This funding has allowed me to work with schools and teachers and students all over this province including my own home district in Richmond, BC. An additional contest for award winners announced this fall was called the “SSHRC Storyteller Award.” Our job was to create a 3 minute video of our research as a STORY!! Is this perfect for me or what!!!!

Unknown.jpegThe even more exciting news is that it was announced today that my video is a top 25 finalist. Me and 24 other scholars across Canada will be highlighted at Congress in Calgary. I chose to share the story of the Outside Pins. If you have seen me present before you know how much I love my bowling metaphor. I have written a blog post about it before and it has been highlighted on the think inclusive website.

Well now I have a video! I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to share. Let me know how you use it if you find it useful, I love to hear the stories of the stories!



3 thoughts on “Storytelling Extravaganza

  1. Patricia Martin

    I am an elementary school counsellor. I spend a lot of my time in classrooms working with teachers in class meetings. I really like to use class meetings as a way of creating a supportive and caring environment, which I call a “family away from home”. I am committed to becoming a GOOD storyteller and often use stories to address many of the everyday issues that are encountered in a classroom. Children are quick to learn the value of friendship, honesty, perseverance, including others in play and learning….etc. I feel very priveledged to be a witness to the change that can come as a result of a child connecting to a story. Children never need to feel like they are being singled out or made an example of. Learning happens when a child feels included and cared about by those adults that are in their lives daily. Thank you for your story about “bowling”…I hope you don’t mind if I do an adaptation that children can relate to !! Thanks again…Pat Martin


    I love the inclusion of bowling to education. I myself am a 10 pin bowler on a regular league, and totally understand the metaphor of the pins versus the education aspect of it. It was very educational to say the least.

    Thank you
    Linda Lee
    EA Elton Collegiate
    Rolling River School Division
    Forrest, Manitoba

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