British Columbia

Federation of Independent Schools

Immaculate Conception School: Professional Development Day

Session 1

Session 2

Brockton School

Teaching to Diversity

Inclusion and the New Curriculum

Inclusive Assessment

Planning templates

Collingwood Independent School – West Vancouver

Teaching to Diversity

Differentiating for Inclusion

Planning Templates

Council Scolaire Francophone de la Columbie-Britannique

Inclusion & BC’s Renewed Curriculum

Session 1

Self Design

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

St. Margaret’s School

Supporting ALL Learners

December 14, 2017

Surrey Christian School

All means ALL

Duncan Christian School


Session 1/2

Session 3

Nanaimo Christian School

August 24

Morning Presentation

Collaborative planning sessions

(Kindergarten, Grade 1-2, Grade 3-5, Grade 6-8, Grade 8-12)

Planning Templates

St. Patricks Regional High School

September 13, 2017

August 25

Morning Presentation

Collaborative planning sessions

(K-5, 6-12)

Learning map template

School District 5 (South East Kootenay)

November 6, 2018

School District 10 (Arrow Lakes)

November 17, 2017

School District 20 (Kootenay-Columbia)

Session 2

Session 3

Planning Templates

September 15, 2017

October 6, 2017

May 3, 2018

School District 22 (Vernon)

Inclusion & BC’s Renewed Curriculum

School District 23 (Central Okanagan)

COTA Summer Institute 2016

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

COTA Summer Institute 2017

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Collaborative Systems of Support

School District 33 (Chilliwack)

A.R. Rundle Middle School

Session 1 – October 16, 2017

School District 34 (Abbotsford)

Teaching to ALL: Administrators Breakfast

School District 36 (Surrey)

Nov. 10 Pro D Day

Special Education Retreat Slides

Spirals of Inquiry planning template

Curriculum for ALL- Secondary

Curriculum for ALL – Elementary

School District 37 (Delta)

Making Inclusion Work

School District 38 (Richmond)

Curriculum Implementation Day

Inclusive Assessment: Primary

Inclusive Assessment: Intermediate

Inclusive Assessment: Secondary

Individual Education Plans and the New Curriculum

IEP Secondary Example

IEP Elementary Example

Spul’u’kwuks Elementary: Inclusion and the New Curriculum

Spul’u’kwuks Elementary:Planning session

Spul’u’kwuks Elementary: UBC Student Teachers

Inclusive Learning Communities (ILC): Inquiry Projects

Project Kick Off

General Currie Elementary: Planning with Learning Maps

Great Beginnings Elementary

Lenses of Inclusive Education

Curriculum Session

Curriculum Planning for ALL

Great Beginnings Secondary

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Resource Teacher Training

Session 1: What is Inclusive Education?

Session 2: Class Profiles: Collaboration to get to know and support ALL students

Session 3: Getting to Know our Students: RTI

Session 4: Context based IEPs part 1

IEPs that work

IEPs that work session 1

Inclusive Math Practices

McRoberts Secondary: Inclusion & the Renewed Curriculum

School District 39 (Vancouver)

Nov. 10, 2017: Curriculum Implementation Day

Inclusion: What the heck is it?

September 7, 2018: Universal Design for Learning

September 12, 2018:

School District 41 (Burnaby)

Inclusive Education: ALL means ALL

BC School for the Deaf and Burnaby South

September 22, 2017

School District 42 (Maple Ridge)

October 2 & 3 – School Teams Session 1

Curriculum Implementation Day

Teaching to a Range

SD 42 planning templates

Kanaka Creek Elementary

Thomas Haney Secondary School

Building Learning Maps

School Teams: Elementary

School Teams: Secondary 1

School teams: Secondary 2

Planning Templates

February 13, 2018

School District 43 (Coquitlam)

January 29, 2018

Inclusion and the Renewed Curriculum

Como Lake Middle

Session 1 Slides

Session 1 Templates

Session 2 Slides

Coquitlam Dinner Series

Session 1 – October 10, 2017

Session 2 – February 13, 2018

Session 3 – March 7, 2018

Strength Based IEPs

Session 1 – September 14, 2017

Session 2 – September 21, 2017

Inclusion & BC’s Renewed Curriculum


Workshop Session

School District 44 (North Vancouver)

October 17, 2018 – Parent session

March 8, 2018

April 7, 2018

May 7, 2018 Keynote

May 7, 2018 Breakout Session

School District 51 (Boundary)

Transforming Inclusive Education: Session 1/2

Class profile template

Individual profile template

RTI planning triangle template

Learning map template

Transforming Inclusive Education: Session 3

Transforming Inclusive Education: Session 4

January 10, 2018

April 26, 2018

May 9, 2018

June 7, 2018

GFSS after school session 

Aug. 28, 2018

Planning for Inclusion Series Cohort 3, 2018/2019

September 13, 2018

Planning Templates

February 5, 2018

May 9, 2018

School District 52 (Prince Rupert)

Inclusion and Teaching to Diversity

Inclusion & BCs Renewed Curriculum

K-3 planning session

4-7 planning session

8-9 planning session

Evening Session

Planning templates

May 25, 2018: Planning Session Cont.

June 1, 2018: Sm’algyax Language Planning Session

June 4/5, 2018:

School District 53 (Okanagan-Similkameen)

Competency Based IEP

Session 1: Sept. 20, 2017

Session 2: Nov. 15, 2017

Session 3: Jan. 29, 2018

RTI: From the beginning:

Session 1: Nov. 15, 2017

Session 2: Jan. 30, 2018

RTI: Taking Action Planning Workshop


Response to Intervention Workshop

Day 1

Day 2

Response to Intervention – Taking Action

Session 1


Curriculum Link

Session 2


IEP template (Elementary)

IEP template (Secondary)

Session 3a

Session 3b

School District 54 (Bulkley Valley)

After school session: November 3, 2017 

Smithers Secondary – Taking Action: Teaching to Diversity

Planning to Support ALL Learners

Session 1

Session 2

School District 57 (Prince George)

PG Administrators Meeting

PG templates

After School Session

Administrator Breakfast Meeting

Primary Inclusion & Literacy Series

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Secondary Inclusion & Literacy Series

Session 1

Session 2

School District 58 (Nicola-Similkameen)

RTI: Supporting All Kids


School District 60 (Peace River North)

Teaching to Diversity

Transforming Inclusive Education: All Means All

Transforming Inclusive Education: ELC

Class profile template

RTI planning triangle template

Learning map template

School District 61 (Greater Victoria)

Inclusion & BC’s Renewed Curriculum

Supporting students with multiple & diverse text

Text examples

School District 67 (Okanagan Skaha)

2017 Inquiry Dinner Series

October 24, 2017

November 30, 2017

February 1, 2018

SD 67 Professional Development Day

Inclusive Education: Teaching to ALL: Session 1

Inclusive Education: Teaching to ALL: Session 2

Penticton Secondary 

Multiple and Diverse Texts

Frameworks to Support Diversity

Collaborating to Support ALL Learners

RTI Planning Triangle

Goal Planning Template

UDL Support Triangle

Penticton Administrators

Penticton Dinner Series

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

School District 68 (Nanaimo Ladysmith)

Professional Development Day


Breakout Session

School District 69 (Qualicum)

Inclusion and the Renewed Curriculum

School District 70 (Alberni)

April 9, 2018: EJ Dunn Elementary Planning Workshop

February 5, 2018: Ucluelet Elementary Planning Workshop

November 20, 2017: Wood Elementary Planning Workshop

September 11, 2017

Elementary Session

Secondary Session

Session 1: What is Inclusion?

Session 2: Teaching to a range: Differentiating for Inclusion

Planning Templates

Planning Workshop

Session 3: Embedding the core competencies

Sharing template

Support teachers session: Inclusive Planning for Individuals

Session 4: Learning Maps and Lesson Sequences

Learning map new

Lesson sequence template

Session 5: Lesson sequences and Reporting Progress

School District 71 (Comox Valley)

comox IEPs oct. 15

Inclusion & The Renewed Curriculum Series Session 1

Inclusion & The Renewed Curriculum Series Session 2

Inclusion & The Renewed Curriculum Series Session 3

School District 72 (Campbell River)

Session 1 School Teams

Session 1 Competency IEPs

Session 1 French Immersion

Session 2 French Immersion

January 25 & 26

Secondary Planning Sessions

School Teams

Afterschool Session

Parent Session

School District 73 (Kamloops)

Supporting ALL Kids

Teaching to Diversity: All means ALL

School District 74 (Gold Trail)

2017 Moving Forward in Inclusive Planning

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

2016 IEPS that work Series

Session 1 Slides

Session 1 Templates

Gold Trail IEP

Session 1 Support Documents (BC Ministry Website)

Core Competencies

Personal Competencies

Personal Awareness and Responsibility

Positive Personal and Cultural Awareness

Social Competencies


Social Responsibility

Intellectual Competencies

Creative Thinking

Critical Thinking

Essential Supports

Support Planning Tool – Autism

Support Planning Tool – Chronic Health

Support Planning Tool – Behaviour

Support Planning Tool – Intellectual Disability

Support Planning Tool – Learning Disability

Additional Resources

Supporting ADHD

Supporting Depression

Supporting FASD

IEPS that work Session 2

Student Profile Template

Implementation Plan Template

Learning Map Template

Short cut planning Template

IEPs that work Session 3 slides

IEPs that work Session 4 slides

Sharing Template

Example Presentation 1

Example Presentation 2

Lesson Planning Template

School District 78 (Fraser-Cascade)

Inclusion and the Renewed Curriculum

October 5, 2017 – Administrator Session

January 18, 2018 – Parent Session

January 19, 2018

School District 79 (Cowichan Valley)

January 17, 2018

May 15, 2018

May 16, 2018

School District 82 (Coast Mountains)

Inclusion and the New Curriculum

School District 83 (North Okanagan-Shuswap)

Curriculum Implementation Day: Supporting Diversity

School District 85 (Vancouver Island North)

November 24, 2017

School District 91 (Nechako Lakes)

Morning Session

Afternoon Session

4 thoughts on “British Columbia

  1. Shannon Jonassen

    Hi, Shelley! Thanks again for two wonderful sessions for SD72! I’ve downloaded the handouts, but I’m wondering how I can access the online modules to complete the BC Competency IEP’s training? Mange tak!

  2. Hi Shelley,

    Love your work! I was wondering where I might find the slide you should in Coquitlam on Jan 29 of a grade/markbook with skills instead of tasks across the top with numerical values too.
    I would love to share it with my staff.

    Lorna Wou

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